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3 minutes of audio

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Standard Package:

Mixing and Mastering

HQ audio file/project file

Cameron will record whatever you want in MIDI format using Logic Pro X. Transcribing may cost more but this should be negotiated beforehand.


The basic package offers you up to 3 different MIDI instrument recordings (e.g. bass, piano and strings). Cameron has access to hundreds of plugins and Kontakt instruments to provide quality MIDI recordings and will use his production skills to ensure everything sounds professional.

The 3 minutes in the basic package covers the length of the MIDI recordings only and not the tracks you send themselves. For example, you can send over a 5 minute song but what you're paying for is 3 minutes of that recording to feature the MIDI recordings (basic loops and simple parts may be added for free, otherwise prices will increase).

Cameron can record from scratch or you can send over these files:


-Simple audio recordings (the format isn't important, but lossless is recommended) - these will be imported into Logic Pro X and Cameron will record MIDI instruments over the top (overdub).

-A full Logic Pro project (will have to check that plugins are compatible) - the MIDI will be recorded over the top and the updated project will be sent back to you in a zip format via the internet.

Please fill in the contact form here for more info!


Johncrago (from

'Cameron is a highly skilled professional musician and created an awesome drum track for my new CD. He is a pleasure to work with, and is an absolute perfectionist, who I highly recommend if you are looking for quality work on any musical project.'

Audiopete2015 (from

'everything was fine, would like to work again with cameron! Definitely a recommendation to choose his gigs.'

massimilianoras (from


'Super and fast work, thanks a lot!'

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