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A fully notated score

I can provide:

Mixing and Mastering
Lossless audio and project files

I can compose original music, add additional instruments to existing tracks or transcribe and record whatever you want using my prefered DAW - Logic Pro X. I have lots of experience with recording piano and making use of virtual instruments (VSTs).


A typical composition project would feature several different VST recordings (e.g. drums, bass, organ, piano, synths and strings). I can get in touch with singers if vocals are needed and other musicians if instruments such as electric guitars and saxophones are required. I have access to hundreds of plugins and can provide WAV and MP3 files plus a fully notated score via Sibelius.


When composing an original piece (whether it will be released as a standalone song or synced with media), I require a brief and source material (if applicable, such as a video clip). Reference tracks are also very useful. 

Some clients ask me to remix, reharmonise or simply embellish a composition. If you'd like this service, this is what I require:


-Audio recordings (lossless recommended) - these will be imported into Logic Pro X and I will then get to work restructuring, mixing or overdubbing.

-A full Logic Pro project (will have to check that plugins are compatible) - the updated project will be sent back to you in .zip format.

Please fill in the contact form for more info!



'Cameron is a highly skilled professional musician and created an awesome drum track for my new CD. He is a pleasure to work with, and is an absolute perfectionist, who I highly recommend if you are looking for quality work on any musical project.'


'everything was fine, would like to work again with cameron! Definitely a recommendation to choose his gigs.'



'Super and fast work, thanks a lot!'

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